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Dead Island cheat only support for 32 bit?

Dead Island cheat only support for 32 bit ? I used win 64bit , i can’t used that cheat ?

If you’re getting the 32 bit error, then all you need to do is start the game first then alt-tab out of the game then hit play in WeMod. Cheats should work after that.

i still getting 32bit error @@

Did you buy the game from steam and is the normal or definitive edition? I just downloaded the standard Dead Island from steam and it loaded with no errors.

oh , i use game crack :frowning:

Oh that’s why the trainers are made for steam version of the game.
Sometimes crack mite work sometimes they dont
Or get up to date crack

We do not officially support any cracked games. We also cannot offer support for cracked games as they vary and change game files which generally breaks the trainer. :slightly_smiling_face: