Dead island riptide any 1 still play?

any one still play this game looking to mess about online cant trust players in public mode (might report my modding) so looking to play with other modders send me a message if u want to play thanks=\

I play Riptide bro I’m looking also for a friend to play with. pm me

I can play via LiNK.

I have Dead Island as well, I haven’t modded it, but I don’t mind playing with a modder. PM me if you want someone else to play with.

i do, pm me your tag.

I am right now, pm me for gamertag

What is you gamertag I will play d.i.r

3 years. That’s like 10000 hours of gaming. I am sure they have gotten bored of it by now.


I still play, but I am new to this modding thing. Idk how to add mods and am looking for help

Well this 3 years and now one month old start a new one
Lock this up