Dead Island v3 Dev Menu Jtag Mods

Rip game from the GOD package using GOD2ISO then extract with Xbox360ISOExtract

Replace Data0.pak in folder \Di\

Download : MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Moved to normal forums due to certain members not respecting that we put our mods in premium first to support the site


  • Hold LT and RT on main menu to choose map
  • Press start to access the dev menu for cheats and anything you want
  • Modded Credits

These mods were made by TeamXPG for premium users on XPG.
Big props to Enigma, Thanks mate for giving us the knowledge of modding .
Massive shouts to Bullet, Enigma, Splats, oldengineer, JSJA, BEZZA, bowlinhacker, Fierce Deity,
c0ma, pope420, slyfuldragon and all the guys at XPG.

And also like to welcome the newest member of TeamXPG, Bullet

  • Team XPG -
  • Caboose - ADDZ - FeralA9X - Jedimaster - madasahat - Bullet -

will this work for retail upon release of lt+ 2.0 and all that for iso mods?

Yes it will, these were done with no modifications to the actual executable itself.

sweet now we wait for lt 2.0 damn XGD3

Is this ONLY the the dev menu

theirs no other Data0.pak files with the extracted ISO, and i supposed to just drop it in their or replace it with some file? -_-