Dead Space Cheats and Trainer for Steam

What kind of bug?

During the initial fight of the Leviathan, once I hit the tentacles and the center. It doesn’t do anything else. Just sits here, and the next sequence doesn’t start. Only happens with the trainer is active.

Yes im having this issue now. Went through the whole game with hardly any fps issues, then i decided to give this trainer a go and now i have permanent fps drop issues even on old saves i didn’t use the trainer on. Ever find a fix yet?

Same, but wdym by old saves? This game is new.

@Jemineye226 Just want to make sure for both of you.
You don’t have “Set Game Speed” to any lower than 1 do you? If so, try setting it to 1 and see how it goes.

Why does the fps drop when using the mods? Can you fix it @FLiNG

Have you seen my message above yours?


The game crashed random with wemod, the Trainer dont work can you fix this @FLiNG ? Pls
The game Crash or the complete Windows run in Blue Screen

weird…works fine for me

Dead space cheat on Game pass ?