Deep Rock Galactic Xbox Game Pass For Pc

Hello, I would like to use the trainer for DRG on The Xbox Game Pass. I don’t need a special trainer I just need to .exe file for it to add so I can press play in the WeMod app, but I can’t find it. I request your help WeMod community. I got to here but I’m lost …! help|690x212

Our trainers are for the steam version probably wont work for windows store version
Can try and start the game first then when you are in game alt tab out then Press the play button after

Hello there!

Xbox Game Pass is just the name of the subscription service for Windows Store games. So any trainers made for Windows Store will work with “Xbox Game Pass” games.

Unfortunately, Microsoft likes to dictate which .exe files you can and cannot see on your system. Especially with games. The .exes are hidden. Therefore they cannot be clicked and dragged to the WeMod desktop app.

As a side-note, as Ptondo said above, we currently only have a Steam trainer for this game. I have never, in all my years of gaming, heard of a Steam trainer ever working on a Windows Store game. Steam trainers may sometimes work for Epic Game versions, though.

The trouble is, Windows Store is extremely unpopular with the wider gaming community. This is why there are so few Windows Store trainers anywhere on the internet - people just don’t demand them enough. Any chance you can get a refund from Windows Store and purchase the game on Steam instead? You’ll probably be better off that way, to be honest.

Thank you for your answer.

I will try to get a refund. I hope Windows Store becomes more popular especially with the ''Xbox Game Pass'' since you can pay 1 euro/$ for 3 months and then it will cost you 10 euros/$ for the normal pass and 15 euros/$ for the unlimited pass (per month).

You get a lot of singleplayer AAA Titles ((( Halo TMCC,  Gears 5 GOTY edition,GreedFall,        

A Plague Tale: InnocenceAlien: Isolation and many more ))) that you can finish relatively fast and still enjoy the game after.

Within that 3 months frame u can play so many of them and since they are singleplayer its better if you don’t spend 45 euros on games like Doom Eternal (they have this too) then playing it for 3 weeks and never again.

A lot of multiplayer games too.

Don’t know why the reply look like this… Sorry if it’s hard to read.


Yes, there are a few popular games on Windows Store. But the problem isn’t the games, it’s the platform itself being very unpopular for whatever reasons the gamers dislike it for. It’s a “you can’t polish a turd”, kind of thing. All of those games you mentioned have been out a while on other platforms, so people likely already had them elsewhere before Windows Store.

Would be nice to see more Windows Store trainers, I agree. But if the community aren’t demanding them then it’s a waste of time and money, unfortunately. :man_shrugging: