Destiny Beta Codes | Open

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I’d like a code! Thanks in advance!

I’ll take one! :smile:

I’d like one (:

Please could I have one?

EDIT: Thanks!

Can I have one?

You could always repay me for that firefall beta key! :smile:

I’d like one! Thanks!’

EDIT - Could I also have 2 more? I wanna give em to my friends

I definitely would like one.

Id like one please :3

EDIT: Much appreciated!

Thanks a bunch.

id like to take one… :smile:

I would like one, if you still have any left… :worried:

could i possibly get one? thanks! for the xbone

thank you so much!

i would like one

I would love one! :smile:

Me too please!

If you have any more, please send me one :smile:

Hit me up!

I’ll take one if you don’t mind