Destiny Desperate for Seaso pass buyers?

Still never got one…but there’s loads of other games to play now, and more to come. So I’m not as butt hurt about it as I was before.

How did you get to that page where it shows all of your loot for all characters.

Congratulations, I too recently was rewarded the Vex Mythoclast!
…I’m looking forward to Bungie buffing it back to what it used to be because right now it’s a very poor weapon; even if maxed out with the 56x round clip.

Now I’m only missing one Raid weapon/item and I’ll have 3x - Lvl. 30 Hunters with a Intellect/Discipline build with being rewarded every Raid weapon/item. (Praedyth’s Timepiece)

Psh, I participated in the recent Iron Banner event from Tuesday to Sunday and couldn’t get the “Birth of History”; I started at Lvl. 2 and exceed Lvl. 5 by, what would be, a lot of experience! On Monday, the day prior to event ending and after playing three matches, I was gifted the ship.

How do you know you’ve completed the Raid (Hard) 31 times?

**** that season pass, this game sucks. It’s poop.

Garbage bare bones game.