Destiny Exotic Bounty Thorn Help or tips plz

ok so i just got my first Exotic Bounty (Thorn) after playing for like ever and up to the PvP part and i hate the PvP (i dont really hate it just don’t play it as much) but whats the best way you guys went about doing this with some what little point lose or w/e would be helpful…or would anyone be willing to let me just kill them for the hell of it don’t matter i return the favor i can help with strikes or w/e just ask

Depends on you class… i was warlock and used voidwalker for special, grenade, and melee. also equipped a void rocket and shotgun, if you have the raid AR with void damage your set just kill with any or all and your done in no time…

ya lookin at that now seems like me being a 27 hunter gonna take me some time…but was looking for someone who done this as a hunter and how they go about this

No problem but you didnt state what class you were and yes for a warlock its easier then all other class’s but a void fusion or shotgun and void rocket or heavy machine gun is your only way raid AR helps a lot if you have it since its void damage… Camp corners with a shotty happends to me all the time. haha and good luck its not so bad

+5 points per kill
-2 per death

so stay positive in K/D and you got it…

ya gotten better now i was able 2 pick up a Void sniper hate having to not really play the game as i should but starting to like pvp more i play lol and sorry about not saying my class

Just curious, what were the other two exotic bounties you had the option to grab?
Best of luck with getting the Thorn!