[Destiny] Fast way for Strange Coins?

I just googled and youtubed it, but I want to know what works best for you guys. All I need are 2 more strange coins. Can I dismantle something and get one? I need them real quick cause I’m working full shift the past two days.

do missions, farm blues. blues are really good for strange coins now.

What’s a good spot to farm them? The Earth cave has been patched.

Dismantle legendary armour and you’ll get strange coins, but not the queen loot.

There is a gold chest on mars which gives a strange coin.

I’m gonna try this. I have 5 legendary armour that I was saving for my hunter.

@Gitgud, I’m gonna search for it tonight. Got work in a few.

Make two of the same characters and just do nightfall Im on my third character right now but honestly I dont need anything from Xur so I just bough ammo packs seeing as I can get 27 strange coins every week.

If you’re saving a full set of legendary hunter gear, I wouldn’t dismantle it. Too much risk for coins. Just play the tiger strike playlist and collect blue engrams, I think that’s the best way. I get 2-4 blues every strike, and they don’t take long at all.

This only works past level 20. I needed one coin to get the regime last week, so I tried that chest on my alt level 16 and I got a green pulse rifle instead of a coin.

Already dismantled my hunter gear (Wasn’t gonna use him anyway) and only got ascendant shards. Look like I’m gonna spend hours farming all night. I’m doing those strike playlists as well. Thanks guys.

Just grind through the Lvl. 24 Strike because I’ve been doing so thanks to an exotic bounty and I’ve been getting Motes of Light and Strange Coins every time I turn around.

Best of luck!

What are you wanting to purchase from Xur?

That Red Death Auto Rifle. When I first seen Xur, he had the weapon, but I only had 3 coins.

Ah, well, like I said, I’d just stick with playing the Lvl. 24 Strike and hoping the rare engrams turn into Strange Coins rather than the intended weapon/armor piece. Also, if you haven’t seen it on r/DestinyTheGame, there is something special involving coins this weekend; not too sure what it’s about, but here.

If you guys really want a steady supply of resources. Make a DUPLICATE class. So if your main is a Warlock, make another Warlock. Therefore, when the strikes come around weekly, you can do it on your main, then transfer the armour/weapons to your Duplicate and repeat. You then get double (or even triple if you make a 3rd duplicate) the resources.

I just farmed for 4 hours and the only good thing I got was an ascendent shard. I played the strikes, but the engrams were weapons and armor. Hopefully that strange coin weekend thing has something good to offer for 21 strange coins. If not, I’m just gonna start playing Destiny every Monday just for strange coins. Not really anything else I’m working toward in the game.

Edit: Just watched a video of the Red Death gun and just noticed that its a pulse rifle. 4 hours spent for nothin’. I dislike pulse rifles. Thanks for the help again guys.

i was short 3 coins for the Red Death Pulse Rifle (its awesome btw) i just played the Queens Weekly or Daily story “Don’t remember which one its called”, but the payout was 3 coins :thumbsup: The remaining weapons i will buy legendary with Vanguard points from the lady in the tower hanger

lol it doesn’t give you strange coins…

Weekly strikes, blue engrams, and public events have a chance of giving tou strange coins.

Im pretty sure they are talking about XUR. It only makes sense…

I seriously thought that as well since there wasn’t anything special on Bungie’s site. Lol

Whups, there goes my hopes. What time does Xur leave?

Xur leaves every weekend at 5am (EST) Sunday morning.