Destiny Fault of glass after update

so i’ve been playing destiny since it came out on xbox360. And been doing the fault of glass for a couple of weeks now and had no problem getting through them on normal difficulty but I did see yesterday bungie had updated the server’s for a couple of reasons and the fault of glass was one that got updated, so i thought to myself i would try and explain what i can see has been patched on the fault of glass just to give everyone a helping hand. so its mainly the Templar boss… when you have to get the relic everyone went to the platforms on the far left or went up to the top where you first started (what i used to do) now when you pick the relic up and jump on the platforms you get a timer that counts down then the relic leaves your hand and goes back to where you first pick it up. now i tried for a couple of hours trying to find away’s how to get on them (platforms on the left) or getting to where you first start off. i couldn’t find away without the timer popping up, so we stayed on the left behind a pillar (its the one soon as you fall down where you first start) i found its the best place to be, but everything else seems to be the same. so hope this helps you out…

The fault in our glass…

But Bungie patched the sniper platforms because “EEHHHHH ITS TOOOO EASYAYYZYYYYY”

Vault of Glass*

Completed it yesterday with no advantages like the ledge, the Templar bit was the fastest part for us, didn’t even need the ledge I used the previous times.

If you have to cheese the Templar boss you should quit raiding altogether.

The first time I even attempted the Vault of Glass was yesterday, it’s surprisingly easy. Don’t know what all the fuss is about, we only died a few times at the end but that was only because some people didn’t know what to do.

I have yet to even see what this vault of glass looks like since i’m only level 24 & 21 plus no one ever wants to tag along lol.

i found that standing way in the back was really easy i was able to solo it that way

Just focus on leveling your 24 up.

firstly for vault of glass you need to be level 26 minimum with the best gear you can find (legendaries mainly)
even then beating the templar can be a pain mostly because of the oracle’s and harpies.

and to be honest i prefer using a place that they can’t get to myself it makes it easier for normal players like me to beat the vault.

first they patched the “loot cave” farming method (after they said “the players can play the game how they want” when they released the game).

now they patch cheap methods for beating enemies like on the devil’s Lair strike where you defend agaist 3 waves of enemies and could stay up on the area behind it (not anymore as enemies now spawn there even if your on it).

so we can’t play it as we want to play it as they said when we bought the game, i’m a level 28 warlock and now finding around 90% uncommon emblem drops and around 8% rares and legendary emblems are about 2% if i’m lucky (i’m starting to wonder if they lowered the drop rate for rares and above while patching the loot cave) common emblems no longer appear on my main character but they do have about a 40% along with 50% for uncommon drop rate on my level 23 hunter and on my level 26 titan and rares and legedaries same as my warlock.

I got the Vex Mythoclast so im good :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard that gun’s a fusion rifle. Do you hold down the trigger like an autorifle, or do you shoot it like a scout rifle?

it shoots like an autorifle to bad its nerfed its still good but not as good as it used to be!

Bungie said they nerfed the damage of the mythoclast by 34% but some redditors did a bunch of testing and it’s actually a 50% nerf to base damage. lol. have fun with your sub-par ultra rare guns

The loot for VoG is absolutely amazing and completely worth it.

you owe me for that. So lucky, I only got a ship and a helmet I already had