Destiny Godmode AIO TRAINER! (Xbox360)

All credit to creator of trainer in description if wanting to know.
So clean.


Other than that

It was bound to happen, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. There’s nothing left to do in Destiny and too many are getting bored, so only thing left is to mod. Props to IdleHands for working hard on this.

Drop Mod will be shown soon soon as its fixed legendary items :smile:

If there’s nothing left for you to do, sell your copy of the game and don’t ruin everyone elses experience. Sounds good to me.

It sounds horrible since I have no Disc to sell I think it sounds better to mod the game since we are in the modding scene correct you do remember cheater912 use to be a cheater as well before he settled down and yes this community forum kinda strays away from online modding but at the same time I see cod lobbies and such so keep modding don’t sell your games nuff.

I hardly get to play sometimes, so chances me doing it is pretty slim. Also it seems in the video Idle was selling the tool, so you have much more than just me to worry about.

I know where we’re at and what the forum is about. I just don’t feel that ruining everyone elses experience is justified. nuff.

Now if its abused and used in PVP that’s a different story coop mode don’t harm anyone.

Agreed, if I ever get time to hook up my old RGH, I’ll be using the trainer mostly on the raid to get the exotic vex weapon. But we already know that there will be people using it on PvP, unless Idle sells it only to people he trusts.

Whether he sells it to people he trusts or not it’s inevitable that it will be leaked to the public.

Good idea using it on the raid though

Dont like mods? Buy PS4 or X1.

I like mods that don’t enable god mode & x9999 damage modifiers in online only games.

Sounds like a personal issue.

lol Killing it as always

I just don’t see how anyone in this forum could not like mods even if they are online. We are in a community that is, if not the biggest modding community on the internet and you can’t like online mods… Well if you don’t and you ever got a challenge lobby/XP Lobby/Unlock All Lobby or any of them that were recoveries, well then you are a hypocrite.

EDIT: Also the only reason why anyone hates online mods is because they simply can’t have them because they don’t have a JTAG/RGH or any sort of modded Xbox to mod online. Now if anyone who hates online mods could have them they would love them, I am not saying that anyone who hates online mods can’t mod online, but if you could and still hate them, well then you are contradicting yourself.

Modding has been out forever so just live with it and move on.

Quick question: if you play 360 version does it carry over to Xbox one? Because then can’t people transfer **** over from one console to the next?

I honestly think this is cool. I wish I had 9999 damage… Lol

Yes, anything you get on the 360 will transfer to the X1.

I’m not gonna lie, but I love some online player vs player modding. I remember playing Medal of Honor multiplayer on PSP and I was air walking around the map shooting nukes with an automatic high rate of fire shotgun. I also froze people who was talking sh**. I would do it on my Xbox, but I don’t want to be banned due to the amount of money I put into the account. So now I just fool with single player modding as too many people will report you for modding in multiplayer.