Destiny: Here’s Everything You Can Earn In The Iron Banner Crucible

[/img]A new merchant arrives in the Tower tomorrow — Lord Saladin — and brings with him new opportunities to score some sweet gear for your Guardian while participating in the new limited-time Crucible playlist, the Iron Banner.

The competitive multiplayer mode starts tomorrow, October 7, and will continue through to next week, ending on October 14. Unlike regular playlists in Destiny‘s multiplayer, the Attack and Defense ratings on your weapons and armor actually matter. Stat balancing is turned off, so you’ll want to bring your best gear into the ring with you.

Fret not if you lack the required firepower to measure up to other high level Guardians in the Crucible, however, as you’ll earn the chance to score yourself some powerful gear by simply participating in matches and completing Iron Banner bounties.

Courtesy of Destiny Database, here is a full list of the 9 weapons, 12 armor pieces, 11 visual items, and 10 Bounties that will become available starting October 7. Again, like the Queen’s Emissary, some of these items will be obtainable by completing Bounties and earning the required amount of reputation to purchase them. Others you’ll only find randomly by competing in Iron Banner matches.


9 Weapons

Sniper Rifle - Efrideet’s Spear
Shotgun - Felwinter’s Lie
Scout Rifle - Gheleon’s Demise
Machine Gun - Jolder’s Hammer
Fusion Rifle - Perun’s Fire
Rocket Launcher - Radegast’s Fury
Auto Rifle - Silimar’s Wrath
Pulse Rifle - Skorri’s Revenge
Hand Cannon - Timur’s Lash

12 Armor Pieces

Iron Regalia Mask
Iron Regalia Sleeves
Iron Regalia Vest
Iron Regalia Boots

Iron Regalia Helm
Iron Regalia Gauntlets
Iron Regalia Plate
Iron Regalia Greaves

Iron Regalia Hood
Iron Regalia Gloves
Iron Regalia Vestments
Iron Regalia Boots

11 Visual Items

Jolder’s Iron Sash
Mantle of Gheleon
Skorri’s Iron Bond

Million Million

Sigil of the Iron Lords
Scar of Radegast

Birth of History

10 Bounties

Anvil of Light - Defeat 50 Guardians while competing in the Iron Banner, with the Iron Banner Class, Emblem and Shader items equipped.
Exacting Measures - Earn 15 Headshot Sprees while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.
Focused Aggression - Defeat 50 Guardians with Auto Rifle headshots while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.
Hard Forged - Earn 10000 XP while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.
Heavy Metal - Earn 15 Machine Gun Sprees while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.
Iron Embrace - Defeat 20 Guardians with a close quarters melee attack while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.
Iron Wrath - Defeat 10 Guardians without dying while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.
Of Iron Made - Win 3 Iron Banner matches with the Iron Banner Class, Emblem and Shader items equipped.
Rise Above - Complete an Iron Banner match with the highest score.
The Chaos and Calm - Defeat 30 Guardians with machine gun headshots while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.

Anyone know if this is legendary or exotic armor?

All of the items that are being offered with the Iron Banner are legendary.

The question I have is why would one want the armor if they have already achieved Lvl. 30 or so? I mean the armor isn’t going to have the same light level as an exotic (Raid armor) so it’s mainly for either those who haven’t found them self a set of gear to reach a high level twenty rank or for those that want to collect the gear.

Personally, I’ll be trying to land myself the visual items; the weapons are probably similar to the weapons the Queen had to offer…average.

For ascendant shards maybe. I could use better armour on my hunter

All those guns look like garbage to me.

I don’t know, it’d be awesome if Bungie allowed us to break down the armor for Ascendent Shards, but, since this gear could be earned easier/in a less amount of time than the Queen’s gear than I’d assume they made it so we don’t get anything but [insert material that one gets for breaking down gear].

…if they haven’t already made that the way than I’d imagine it would be implemented since they did so with the Queen’s missions/gear.

Do you unlock these during games?

I was so annoyed when I went to go buy gear and the only thing I could buy for my warlock was gauntlets.

You probably need to earn reputation to unlock things for purchase. Like Rank 1 IB, Rank 2 IB, etc.

I hear wearing the class items, shaders, and emblems boost your IB reputation by 30%, all three items stack at 10% each.
You can also wear a faction class item and level both IB and the faction at the same time. Read it on reddit this morning.

Makes sense. I had the shader on and got 27 experience after winning a game. Instead of the 25 I first got.

Anyone know if it is just control you play?