Destiny improvmen awareness

Please if you have other ideas feel free to share it that’ll do my best to create it! I’M LOOKING FOR A FIRETEAM
While in the Tower when bringing up the Nav Mode you could press the d-pad buttons to change your status that would appear above your head, just below your level. I’m looking for a Raid - or others - would appear, being easier to find players that are looking for the same as you are.

Others point of view.
Your point of view.


Presentation - first time opening the Grimoire. Identical to the website.
Grimoire Menu.

For both Strikes and Crucible
Enhanced Nav Mode Some say the previous concept takes too much space. Could this be the solution?
In this case only the faction that you’re currently working on - using its class item - would be visible here. Easy way to check your Rank/Current Reputation instead of going to the Tower just for that.
Some suggested how it would look with multiple factions. Example of multiple factions.
I started to level up another character and how I missed the progression bar. Instead of the regular next-level progression bar this one would be slightly different (color) showing you how much you need to get a Mote of Light. Could be disabled for those who don’t like it?
You could use your d-pad to use ammo synthesis faster while you’re aiming down sights. If you hit the left d-pad button, as an example, while aiming your Heavy Weapon you’ll use the Heavy Ammo Synthesis. The same applies for the other guns types as well.
This is so important, it’s not just visual. I’m a PS3 player and when something is going on in the background sometimes it takes almost a minute for the Inventory to load. Which makes the Synthesis almost useless to old-gen players when you quickly need them in the VoG as an example.

Option can be easily visible like this.
Progression bar to prevent unwanted use of the Synthesis.
The countdown could work like this, too.

It’s obvious that the option would only appear when you have the necessary Synthesis for the gun type.
EDIT: Thank you very much for the gold. Didn’t now this would be so successful. I’m extremely happy and even tho Bungie could never even see this, I’m glad I’m helping the community! I’m editing this every now and then with new ideas. If you feel like you should be credited just PM me.
EDIT 2: Can anybody take a screenshot while in the Nav Mode in the Tower? Need it to create a concept and can’t seem to find one anywhere.
EDIT 3: Latest concept(s): I’m looking for a Fireteam // Ammo Synthesis.

all the credit goes towards the creater I have just copied and pasted to raise awareness please share so bungie can see this thank u all

for the full original article please go here: ps the title was suppose to say improvment sorry iPads fault.
The full article show pictures of the developed UI that the guy has created

You could’ve at least tried to put the images on this thread. Also I love all the improvements that guy made and I think all of them should’ve been put in the game.

All of them are great, especially the quick weapon change. I wish they had the vote screen in the game before because I hate playing the Crucible on Twilight Zone or whatever it’s called. Thanks for posting :smile:

I did try to add pictures but couldn’t as I posted this on my iPad that’s why the link is there so u can go look