Destiny patch reduces difficulty, addresses raid issues

[/img]Bungie has released a new Destiny patch.

The studio says the title update reduces the difficulty of a number of activities and addresses issues with the game’s first six-player raid, Vault of Glass.


It’s not “difficulty issues” that it was going after, but farming areas.

I don’t know of anyone (not even on the forums) who said those those missions were too difficult, and most people on scream at the slightest bit of difficulty.

The only mission I found challenging was the Strike mission on the moon. (When I say “challenging”, I mean it took me more than two attempts to complete).

I could understand, when the Weekly Strike involved doing that mission it was a little bit more on the difficult side because it had so many enemies other than the boss himself; the other Strike bosses can easily be handled solo. (I’ve done a lot of them on Lvl. 28 as a Lvl. 26 for the bonuses…just takes patients and ammo.)