I’m getting back into Destiny and so far I have managed to get to my Titan to Level 24 and it’s been hard trying to move up from here. I have been given advice to do some more rewarding Strikes to either buy or get given some Legendary gear. I have only been doing Tiger Strikes so far.

I’m friends with ‘Horney’ from the forums so he is one player I have to team up with but I wanted to get more players on my friend list to do it with and maybe one day, attempt the Vault of Glass raid! I am from the UK so I will keep in mind that there are different time zones when players will be online.

If you want to help, send me PM with your GamerTag or leave it below.

Yeah try and get vanguard up to three and buy the gear with marks. Then I can help you run through crotas end.ill be on later today so send me a message and I’ll help you.

Anyone playing this right now? I just got online.