Deus Ex Fans - Anyone enjoy "The Fall"?

I’m a big fan of the more modern Deus Ex games, particularly the ones that have XBox 360 controller support. I prefer games that have built-in controller support, just my preference. Being a science fiction fan, I really enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and am just getting into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Despite it being a port and the mixed reviews, I personally don’t mind Deus Ex: The Fall. Though not as good as the other two, I find it fairly enjoyable, sans the controls. I’ve noticed some votes for it in the WeMod app, and added one of my own. Though clearly not overly popular, evidently there are some who would like to eventually see a trainer for it.

Just curious as to those who enjoy the game and/or have voted for it. Currently, I use Cheat Engine, but it is a bit of a pain and not always reliable. Nonetheless, I am able to make do for now.

I just replayed Human Revolution (DC) on Steam and starting The fall next!! It is awesome how well the Deus Ex games have stayed playable and fun so long.

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Same here @selaena, I have the DC version for Human Revolution as well, such an immersive game! Mankind Divided has impressive graphics, but I haven’t had much time to really get into it. Like you, I’m currently on The Fall after figuring out how to get Cheat Engine to work with it.

Unfortunately, I shafted myself after I killed an NPC I was supposed to talk to, then saved by accident (easy to do with a controller). With only one save slot, I’ll end up starting over, but thankfully I didn’t get far. I get overzealous with the close combat attacks, they are just too fun!

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I find myself juggling multiple backup saves when that happens :slight_smile: I am hoping to get Mankind Divided soon, I got the whole rest of the set on steam as a bundle.

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Same here @selaena, I picked up the bundle as well. Good idea about backing up saves, I have the folder on my desktop so I don’t do something stupid again! Supposedly, there are console commands that allow cheats, but the heck if I’ve ever been able to get to them other than through Cheat Engine.

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@Telarius The console commands still exist in DC, just the way to enter them was removed, the ~ key was used for it but is not mapped without MOD. So a trainer is the best way. If you want the whole console though just to play with it

Thanks @selaena, I actually finished DC with WeMod. Finished The Fall today with Cheat Engine. Figure I’ll write a positive review for The Fall since it gets such a bad rap. If one accepts the fact it is a mobile port and adjusts their expectations accordingly, it is a short, but fairly enjoyable game. Not stellar, but makes for a fun afternoon.

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the story was okey, the gameplay thou… that was hard to enjoy, more for a game played in a PC, but * considering its a mobile game as you said is not that bad but… cheesus!, i think is a game more enjoyed with some minor cheats here and there to by-pass the clunky parts and bugs.

in a nutshell, i agree with you :pig:

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I’m with you there @Sproy. Without cheats, I would have been far more frustrated (and disappointed) with Deus Ex: The Fall. The controller mappings were not what I’d call stellar. I found myself accidentally quick-saving over games until I started making backups. It is the only game I’ve ever bothered to use Cheat Engine with. I can see why it has low votes on WeMod, though I’ll toss in a vote every now and then.

It made for a good “afternoon game”. The weather here has been fairly lousy, so I’ve had a bit more free time to myself the last couple of days. Once the weather clears up, I have a room full of molding I need to paint outside with a sprayer, which I file under “things I’m not looking forward to” (I don’t like painting), so I don’t mind the delay. Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to get around to some fairly short games that I can finish up.

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Been a fan since the first Deus Ex. The Fall is good for the story and lore if you’re a Deus Ex fan. You can’t be too critical since it’s a mobile game port but gameplay and graphically it sucks. It’s never going to be a popular vote and it’s one of those games you’ll play just for the backstory once and probably never again. Glad you enjoyed it though.

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I’m inclined to agree there @Greg, it is a rather “one play through” type of game. I started on “Mankind Divided” yesterday. Takes some getting used to, but certainly very immersive. Even my father, who enjoys science fiction stories, had to stop in and watch some of the cut-scenes.


My envy level is OVER 9000! @Telarius

Any one else have issues with how fast the camera goes? I have the controls for it set to 1 and it still jumps across the scene at the slightest touch. Changed from 360 to PS4 controller and had the same issue, but it was a little slower. Doing WASD now, but that is clunky with a mobile designed game, and still the camera is on steroids.

Don’t have the game but if it is a sensitivity issue you could play around with inputmapper.

I used an XBox 360 controller with wireless receiver, no issue. Try “Gamepad Sensitivity” under controls and see if that helps @selaena. At the very least, it is worth a try. If you get stuck, give Cheat Engine a try, there are a couple of cheat tables I used that worked quite well.

Finished “Mankind Divided” today on “Tell me a story” mode with WeMod. Awesome trainer @STiNGERR, it worked like a charm! I cheated like a fiend and zipped through, so my father could watch the story line unfold, as he became quite interested. I had to laugh when he pointed out one of the character’s implants and asked “What’s that crap sticking out of his head”?

I still have the side stories to do as well and will likely play through again on “New Game +” more fully. I know I missed quite a few side quests, but it was enjoyable sharing the experience with my dad. I’m surprised the game wasn’t more popular than it was, I wasn’t disappointed.

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Fun Times :slight_smile: Games are always best shared!

I set the sensitivity to 1 and it is livable with the PS4.