Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors cut

I was wondering if we could get a trainer for this because the new one is coming out soon.
God Mode
Super Armor
Unlimited Energy
Add XP
Add Praxis
Add Money
No Recoil
Unlimited Sprint
No Reload
Mega Items
Easy Access

I know a request was made but it got no attention and disappeared into the depths.


What are “Mega Items” and “Easy Access”?

I personally use a mod to increase item stack caps and decrease item inventory size. I also use one that makes hacking keypads instantly successful, regardless of the code you use.

Other than that, I second this suggestion. It’s difficult finding a decent enough DEHR trainer that actually works.

Mega items I dunno, easy access I think is you can enter any number or password and it is accepted (I copied the list of what the CH trainer has as options


I’ve been using the debug menu for stuff like that.