Developers taking action

Game developers are starting to take action when using wemod. Mainly on steam. People been saying their game crashes when using wemod. Your not crashing, the game is closing wemod. Games like Forza Horizon 5 and Phasmophobia to name a few. Even offline single player games are doing it now. Microsoft has blocked wemob from all their games.

Ubisoft is even doing it with all the Assassins Creed games cause they want people to play the game and experience the games the way they intended. So if all these devs follow suit, will this be the end of wemod? Single player games should not be touched imo.

As far as we’re aware, Microsoft have blacklisted more than just WeMod for Forza Horizon 5. It makes sense for them to block trainers for that game, as it has online features. Same with Phas, same with NBA 2k23.

Also Microsoft haven’t blocked WeMod for “all their games”. So far, I believe it’s just Forza. I also haven’t seen Ubisoft blocking WeMod for the assassin’s creed games, so not sure where you’re getting that from.

At the moment, it just seems to be games with online features that carries progress between single player and multiplayer, and even then, it’s only a handful of games.

Is there any way to fix this? I mean I purchased NBA2k23 for this. Lol Or do you know any alternative Mod that we can use?

Forza blacklisted every modding tool. It really has nothing to do with “experiencing the game”, it has to do with people abusing it online and ruining the fun for others.

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what about 2k? is there no hope for that or are they attempting work arounds?

Unfortunately, the trainer developers are unable to bypass NBA 2K23’s anti-cheat, so the trainer has been retired.

idk if this is any relatable , ive been messing around in tiny tinas wonderlands and my game kept crashing even with default gpu clocks :smile: , i know for fact that my cpu and gpu are rock solid on stability , it does seem like 2k games are not liking it