DEVOUR Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Future update cheat ?
Please bring more cheats
We need this

  1. ESP
  2. XP multiplier/boost/rank level

I saw people in the game flying and using xp multiplier/unlock achievements/clothing. Is this going to be implemented eventually? It has been the same mods for several years.

Needs to be updated. Freeze Anna, Unlimited Uv, and No Damage do not work at all. Unlock All Doors activates but it does nothing. Super Flashlight and Super Speed are working as normal.

Not working to DEVOUR Update 09/03/23

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any possibility for a xp cheat when this gets updated?

you can unlock everytihng with Steam Achievement Manager. As for xp/flying yeah id love to know how its done

The DEVOUR cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Bro, can you add an option to multiply xp?

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the cheats dont really work on slaughterhouse. it doesnt freeze anna and when you do get caught by her you are stuck forever and she doesnt put you down. and xp multiplier would be good aswell if possible please

Pls add this cheats:

  • Show Goat/Rat/Egg
  • Show Battery
  • Show Hay/Rotten Food
  • Show Key
  • Show Notes
  • Show Roses
  • Show The Town Entities - Lockbox, HorseShoe, Matches, Azazel Sam, Ghosts and the closet hiding spots
  • Show Medkit/First Aid
  • Draw Debug ESP & Names (all GameObjects in map)
  • 2D and 3D Box ESP
  • Nametag ESP
  • Snap Line ESP
  • XP Changer
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