DEVOUR Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The DEVOUR cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Make new cheat name: Mega EXP or add
Ritual Token.


Is super flashlight visible to others, or it’s just a visual effect for yourself?

Plz can you add “multiplicator xp” cheat ?


Is there a possibility to increase the burning feature of all goats at once?

Could we get a cheat for perk points?

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but with the cheats it glitches out the game, cat revive, or goat. truly cant finish the game when these cheats are active.

Had no damage turned on, got grabbed by anna … game stuck, had to exit to main menu … wasn’t “dead” but wasn’t alive. Also couldn’t heal others. Definitely needs attention please & thank you.

The DEVOUR cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Is there a possibility to creat a cheat that multiplies xp?

freezing anna doesn’t work often
taking damage from demon lets anna kill you and you get glitched out and cannot play after that

Can You Please Add A Rank/Level/Exp Hack ?

any way we can get like XP multiplier?

Having problems as well with:
-Freese Anna
-No Damage
Hoping we can get a fix before the Halloween event ends, please! :heart: :pray:

11/29/22 - Personal experience

  • Unlock all doors seems to be working on all maps even from beginning of the game :+1:

  • Freeze Anna so far works on all other enemies (Molly, Zara, and Sam) :+1:

  • No damage is iffy. Sometimes an enemy can still down me and I’ll get stuck in that black and white vision for the entire game. I won’t be on the floor. My friends view me as still standing and I’m able to do thing like sacrifices or stun the enemies. However if I take it off, I’m still immune to other attacks. I get stuck in position of “being downed” and can’t get revived.

  • Super flashlight works perfectly (Use your UV light for a second to activate it), unlimited UV light is also perfect, and as well as super speed. :+1:

I will add these cheats can sometime bug the game though. The one I’ve encountered the most is objectives (goats, rats, spiders, etc.) not reacting to food and therefore being unable to be grabbed. I’ve gotten to 9/10 on many games and the last ritual item will not respond to anything. If I try to drop food near it, it will just run away. If possible, a cheat where you’re able to grab ritual items without the necessary item (hay, rotten food, etc.) would probably be very helpful and good counter to this!


When having all cheats on, doesn’t allow me to revive anybody

When killed by, zara and sam when having no damage on you legit just stay with them with a blank screen

WeMod is not for multiplayer.

Much appreciated and would be much quicker if there was an option for insta burn, when burning ritual items by pressing e it immediately burns maybe without gas/bleach or maybe with

Some levels are no progressable because of the animals not eating, fix required


same issue as others animals not reacting to food

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