Diablo Cheats and Trainer for GOG

Looking for some help with the launcher not able to recognize my game and won’t launch it with the .EXE file that I have. Any help is appreciated.

The cheats have been created for Diablo and not Hellfire

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Just wondering if ur gonna make a set of cheats for the Hellfire expansion.


Please make cheats for the Diablo Hellfire expansion



Indeed. I hope that they will. Shouldn’t be too hard after breaking the base game.

I’d love this very much too.

so far mod seems to be working fine however I noticed the mega xp mod will only get me to lvl 15 and after that xp freezes when mod is turned off it unfreezes. wondering if it’s a bug or if it’s supposed to cap.

i could use cheats earlier today but now when i start it the cheats dont stay clicked. even from the app. in fact the app doesnt even do anything. like they dont click at all

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Hellfire update please I would like to use the Hell 2 mod with this and (if possible) I would like to see a inf durability cheat as well

Hi, for some reason only the Unlimited Gold toggle stays on. The rest immediately turn off after toggling them on :frowning:

any chance for codes for the hellfire expansion

The version for the original Diablo works great. Thanks for that. However, the cheats
do not work for Diablo+hellfire. Could you work on that please?