Diablo II: Resurrected Cheats and Trainer

mod is broken. please help to fix it

The mods are still working. Make sure you are playing offline.

cannot set gold and stat points. other cheats are working. please check back

Both are working. Did you read the mod notes?

Yes, read the notes. But the cheats not working here. Maybe game got bug or updated

I noticed that “exclamation mark” at side of “broken” cheat is green coloured. Other cheat are working as intended. Maybe this can prove something to you

That means you haven’t moused over it.

Not working for me. And yes, read the notes “!” like the gold, should have atleast 1 in inv and stash, does not work and it exits to desktop.

Could you possibly make some additions for Diablo 2 Remastered? I would like to be able to add stash tabs, be able to increase Rune drops, unique drops and set drops. Is that a possibility for you guys?

So I thought the same thing that it wasn’t working but here’s what you have to do. It says you need at least one point to make it work and that’s because you need to spend a point for it to update ingame. Spend that one point and you’ll see it update.

Is there any updates on this Request? Are you able to make these updates?

They don’t take request on forums.

There won’t be any more mods for this game.