Diamond account

Is there like a 1 day demo for diamond? cuz i’m thinking about getting it. But I don’t want to wast money on something I don’t like.

No. There are not anything like that atm.
I bet you would like it tho.

The shortest subscription we offer is 1 month.

what exactly do you get tho? i havent seen any information about the games you cover for diamond, (i play on pc btw) ive been interested for a while, but havent bought it because im not sure what ill get. can anyone give me some info plz? :smiley:



see, that doesnt really give much info ^^ its very basic and general, not much to go on.

All trainers are free atm. Only diamond-only feature I know about is the remote.

ahh, okay good to know :smiley: thanks!