Diamond membership Refund

Hi for some reason I was charged twice for my membership I was charged for the monthly and yearly membership can you refund the yearly one please

Hi, you subscribed to yearly Diamond and monthly Pro. Which one do you want to keep?

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Please refund yearly membership thank you

You’re all set!

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Hey for some reason I’m not a diamond member on my account even though I’ve paid for the membership it’s even on my bank statement for the 12th of June what’s happening please?

You have Pro which is what you were billed for on June 11/12.

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Yes its not allowing me to use the tools it keeps prompting me to upgrade

Pro is for Infinity.

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What chris said was is : that you bought pro for pc
And you should of bought diamond for 360.
Well at least you can use your phone for the cheats in infinity !♾

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Yes and what I’m saying is I used the link in my email box to renew my diamond membership same link I’ve always used so why do I have pro Come On Guys I’ve Used Diamond Many Times When It Expires I Get An Email Asking Me To Renew It which I Did. I’ve never used pro in my life can you please change it

All I wanted was monthly diamond membership that’s it now I’ve ended up with yearly diamond and monthly pro I’ve never had this much trouble before

We cannot change it as they are different prices. You will need to subscribe to Diamond here: https://www.wemod.com/diamond/checkout

After you have done that if you post here I will cancel your Pro and refund you for this month.

Pro and Diamond are not the same and are for different programs.

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Then you should have bought that. You are lucky to even get a refund since it was 100% your fault.

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Look through my purchase history and show me where I’ve purchased pro ever lol

Diamond has now been purchased. Can you please refund the pro to the paypal account I used to purchase the diamond please many thanks for sorting this out

Refunds are only made to the original source which appears to be a credit card.

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