Different Prestiges for Different Consoles?

Well after searching up the prestige emblems for Black ops I came across something that caught my attention. If you didn’t already know the prestige emblems on wii are set to different prestiges then Xbox 360/PC/PS3.
Look and Compare

Xbox 360/PC/PS3


“Oh that’s Photoshop’d” - No it’s not this video shows this guy going to second prestige. Look closely at the emblem!


Why would they do that? Wierd.

seems very retarded… very retarded indeed.

lol I want to see the 15th Prestige Title you unlock.

makes no sense

I am 100% sure they did not do that. Someone could have easily Photoshoped it. You can’t confirm anything until someone who is playing on the wii shows legit proof.

yeah your right

That’s weird on the Wii i would probably stop at 8th prestige :smiley:

No its photoshoped cause I saw a lobby on the will and everybody was 15th.

As from what I can see it’s the same emblems. I don’t think they would change the order of prestige levels. The photo for the wii doesn’t show enough evidence anyway so it could just be that the prestiges were just shown at random or ps :smiley:

Treyarch, is weird.


If they did that then thats just really dumb. The order is really ugly.

Sooooo…what was i suppose to see…i dont have Black ops…so i looks like in random orders…maybe its not false because he never said that the Wii emblems were in order…maybe its just switch around…

Exactly but I want to see the 15th Prestige title for Wii

The Wii’s ****ing gay. End of story.

I would really like the current 14th prestige for xbox to be the 15th, looks much nicer

Haha me too. I want Wii now

Thats ****ing retarded

this is interesting…

All they did was switch the order…

Why do something different for only one console?

I’m intrigued