Difficulty lock? :o

I downloaded a map for x360 from Internet to pc. Thru Horizon pushed it to USB stick, loaded to X360, save for Xone and than played it there. Everything works fine but I wanted to set difficulty to easy and this doesn’t work. :confused: Whatever I try to change there it jumps back to hard difficulty. Is there a lock? Doesn’t matter if I try to change it inside the game or in main menu, the hard just persists. Any ideas? I read something about lock difficulty for PC but didn’t know there should exist something like this for Xbox version. Desperate! :frowning:
Thanx for any help!

With a combination of Horizon and opryzelp’s nbt editor you should be able to remove the difficulty lock from the world. It’s a value in the level.dat file IIRC.

If you’re still here. Go to you’re 360 console and set up a new world with you’re settings you want. Load map, load nether and end if you need those to areas as well. No need to explore map. Save and exit. Go to horizonmb and extract savegame.dat to computer desktop and one in backup area. Open up opryzellp’s mod converter and choose dimension. Than hit pc to Xbox. Grab pc world and put level settings checked. Must. Then convert. Convert the other dimensions or hit save and exit. Overwrite desktop file. Go to horizon and overwrite the savegame.dat in world with settings. Hit replace. Then hit save|rehash|resign twice.

You’re done. Now you’re pc world will be survival if that is what you wanted with achievements unlocked.