Digimon World: Next Order Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Only cheat that seems to not work is 1 hit kills

can u plz add mode for building materials


How you fix it? it happen to me and I try restart pc but nothing happen…

Turn on infinite health, for some reason it’s bugged and causes enemies to die in one hit lol

This wemod totally not worked for me at all. I turned it on and immediately will turn off. Other games worked but not Digimon Next Order for me. Any idea guys?

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Everything works fine for me (THANK YOU SO MUCH). However, the game crashes from time to time, anyone experiencing this too?

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Is there a way to add building materials/ Instant Build would also be good


@GreenHouse the mod needs to be fixed and people are asking for instant build etc


Same here. Doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to it either. Just learned to save often.

Seems to happen primarily in Floatia

All I did was restart my computer

damn… thats not work for me… thx for the response btw

Also happens to people not modding it seems. Must be a game problem at its core, not the cheats.

Could you guys add a cheat code that makes my Digimon hungry? I would love to feed them some more, but I can only stop them from getting hungry with the current cheats.

  • a cheat to force evolution would be nice too.
  • a cheat to force my Digimon to sleep!
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Hello again, sorry, could you add Skip Time Build? :3


Would be nice if you could add

All digimon cards :heart_eyes:

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What does this do? I can’t seem to figure it out finished the game on ps4 back in the day, but i don’t have the slightest clue what this does.

Can you please add an option to remove build requirements


So, no fix ever coming for Unlimited Health and One-Hit Kills? Oddly enough, every other trainer/cheat engine is like this. It’s labeled as God Mode, though.