Disable Keybinds for cheats

An option to disable unused cheats would be nice. So a button that deletes the current bind for a cheat I wont use anyways.

An option to disable selected cheats all together (so that they cant be activated anymore) would work as well.

This for example… I need none of the first ones so I had to set them all to a key combination I definetely never press by accident. I only need the last 5 cheats. Would be nice to just disable the binds for these and not be forced to bind every single one to a combination. (Especially because this game has sooo many keys used by default…)


You can press Delete as the key and it will unset it. This isn’t documented anywhere, but it should be!

You can also use Backspace to reset it to the default.


Oh, okay. Thank you for the information.

It still would be useful to display this option somewhere. I mean just adding “or press DEL to unbind it” to the usual “Select new hotkey with the keyboard.” when klicking on the bind would do it.

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