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Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Classic) Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Does this not work with the GOG version? I set the folder path through gog galaxy’s filepath to the Divinity 2 game folder but every time I try to launch the game from infinity it says “We’re having trouble finding your game”. It won’t me drag and drop the game’s icon into infinity to find it either, and none of the cheats work if I try to activate them using the gog galaxy filepath anyway.

Am I just doing it wrong?


It was probably made using the steam Version and the file structure for the gog version might be different or even the ExE could have a different name. I don’t know though as I own this on steam not GoG


How long does it typically take for these cheats to get updated? I see it was reported over 3 weeks ago.
Game Version


As of 7/8/17, only unlimited weight and the cooldown cheat work. Sometimes the cooldown cheat sets all the cooldowns to 1 turn, other times it gives instant cooldowns. Either way is helpful, but the behavior is erratic.

Thanks for making the trainer in the first place. I’m looking forward to the next update!


Any plans to look at this anytime soon? Or will you be waiting until the game is fully released?


Would very much like if this could be updated. Or at least fix the unlimited stat point cheats lol. Unlimited health really doesn’t matter much when you can have 99 constitution. Thx


they probably waiting for full release on September 14


i can only get unlimited items no weight and instant cooldown to work. why doesn’t the infinite hp cheat work?


please fix unlimited health, action points, attribute points, talent points, civil points and the rest that isin’t working


it doesn’t work at all


Waiting for full release then they mite update the trainer
Which comes out today


Please update!


@STiNGERR With the release of Divinity alot of the mods and hacks have stopped working :confused: U guys are doing an amazing job keep it up, but would love a fix for this <3


so, the unlimited weight still works, just nothing else. please try to fix this soon


Yeah an update would be nice :slight_smile:


Yeah, it would be nice if we could get a response from STiNGERR about this. So we know it is being worked on.


@STiNGERR Will certainly give you a response soon. Problem with new released games is they tend to update quickly.
I’m sure he will push an update shortly

@JesterofWesteros please let him know that we got lots of trainers aswell :wink:


latest version is
and so far only 1 cheat actually works with the infinity app.


Advertises a mrantifun trainer 4 minutes after joining. Not suspicious at all.


@nine-tails we really don’t care about someone else’s website or trainer ! Thanks anyhow !
Ours just needs updating that’s all