Divinity: Original sin enhanced edition

Would any body be willing to make a trainer for this game, I enjoyed the original game a ton but would like to spice things up in my remastered play-through.

You should include things like options you want to see
Example :
Infinite Health
Infinite gold
That kind of stuff

Posted this a while back. Didnt get feedback on it tho from devs.

My list is full and kind of tired of training old games honestly so i’ll pass. @unknown_v2 or @STiNGERR you guys want?

I’ll be back full force training old games next week.

Thanks for the reminder @Hawk.

Personally I would be pleased with just inf health and inf consumables but I probably wouldn’t be the only one using it.

  1. Infinite health
  2. Infinite Action points
  3. Easy EXP
  4. Infinite Gold
  5. No cooldown
  6. Ghost mode
  7. Infinite Skill points
  8. Infinite lockpicks.
  9. Infinite Consumables
    Once again thank you :slight_smile:

I will work on this one, added to my list

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I understand you are hard at work with what is probably a very long list of requests, so I will only ask this one time and then I’ll leave you to work.

Do you have an ETA on the release for this trainer?

Thanks again for accepting this job and thanks for all your hard work on every trainer.

Yeah. I started work on this title today. Will be releasing it in 2 to 3 days.


Thats great news, I look forward to its release.