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Do laptop vacuum fans actually work?


I recently got my grandfathers old laptop after he bought a new one. The problem is that Piriform Speccy says that my motherboard and processor is around 95 degrees Celsius when I’m gaming. I’m pretty sure that this is extremely hot, even for a laptop.
Would this or a model like it help cool it down while gaming?

I would get a cooling pad but the laptop is pretty big, the screen is 17.3 inches but the body is bigger than that, and I’d be worried with cheap cooling pads that it might be to heavy (the laptop weighs like 9 pounds)

Has anyone ever used one of these? If so how did it preform for you? Is it worth buying?


It has pretty good reviews, it should work fine


You should disassemble the laptop and clean the dust out before making a decision.


95c? Get One. But make sure you clean your laptop out, a cooling pad can’t do anything to clogged up laptop that’s 95c.


Would follow above advice, if you have pets hair will accumulate over time and create hairballs in your laptops.


Even without pets, mine clogged up earlier this year. It’s best to clean it out every couple months or so.


The problem I have with taking it apart is that I don’t want to ruin it.


I’ve taken apart quite a few. I’ve always watched repair videos on YouTube or downloaded repair guides. As long as you’re careful and don’t force it apart you should be fine. If you’re just trying to remove the bottom shell to check for and remove dust & debris build up you’ll be fine.

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My motherboard temps get to 95 when gaming and I’m overclocked but i’m 100% convinced my laptop has better cooling. From experience I have had nothing but problems with laptop coolers.



So, after taking apart my laptop and cleaning the fan I also turned off my processors turbo boost.

Before doing any of this I reached a max of 99c while playing skyrim for about 8 minutes.

Now, playing skyrim for 10 minutes I got a max temp of 81c but it normally stayed around 70-77


Also, Steve I had to take apart pretty much the whole thing. I had to take off the keyboard, the screen, and the palm rest.(just to get the back shell off) There was a lot to take apart.


Yeah, some are built that way. You were successful and probably won’t hesitate when needing to work on another one in the future.

After I fixed my first VCR back in like 97 I couldn’t stop taking things apart whether they needed repair or just to see what made it tick lol. Now every one I know asks me to fix their broken stuff lol.

Good job man!

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EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t see that you had already took the laptop apart.

[S]I wouldn’t even bother spending money on that and I would just take it apart and clean the insides as others have said. That should solve your overheating problems and if it doesn’t, than you could invest in that if you wanted.

Taking apart a laptop isn’t very hard at all, even for someone who has little to no experience doing that. Just be careful handling the part, don’t force anything open if it won’t come apart because chances are you just missed a screw or something and you’ll be fine.[/S]


Yes, this is too hot even for the laptop. I am using lenovo’s laptops and it is working pretty good. You should contact to Lenovo Support. They will tell you the solution of this heating problem.


After 3 years he surely doesn’t care or found a solution.