Do voting tokens expire?

I know in the past I have bought 25 voting tokens and when I go to check my account months later they are no longer there. Do voting tokens ever expire?

Welcome to the community @powerhousechad. :slight_smile:

Vote tokens do not expire. At least mine never have.

  • Are you certain that you are logged into the correct account?
  • Are you certain that you didn’t spend them months ago and might’ve forgotten? (Happens to the best of us).

If you’re certain of the above, send an email to the support team here: and they may be able to help further than we can here on the forum.

Thank you and have a fine day. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Ravenfyre

Somehow it changed me to a different account without me noticing.

Thanks again!

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Hello again. :slight_smile:

I’m glad that you managed to figure it out.

Sometimes when you haven’t logged in for some time, especially after several updates, or have reinstalled the WeMod desktop app then you’ll need to log back into your account by clicking the down arrow in the top right of the WeMod desktop app and then clicking Switch User.

Enjoy using WeMod with your games. And always feel free to pop into the community with questions, for support, to hang out or just to grab an occasional free game. :slight_smile: