Do you guys think keep the sticker on fitted or snapback hats

So my 2 brothers are debating on whether it is a good idea to keep the sticker on the snapback/fitted hat. So do you guys think its a good thing to do? Personally I wouldn’t keep it on. Example: Would you keep the XL tag on your shirt?

LOL! Remove the sticker xD Post pic of hat

if you leave it on for a long time and it starts to come off for some reason it will leave like a imprint of the sticker so i take them off.

Solution: Don’t wear a flatbill and always take the sticker off of any piece of clothing.

They are meant to be removed so take them off ASAP.

I don’t really know, but when playing Watch_Dogs, I seen an outfit for pierce along with a snapback with the sticker on it.

Take it off. It just looks stupid when people leave them on.

It’s all preference i guess? I mean it’s just a sticker so who honestly cares lol.

Depends, if the bill of the hat is curved I take it off. However, if the bill is flat and straight, then I leave it on. Reason being is that having it flat is more of a fashion statement as opposed to acting as a shade like the curved bills found on most baseball caps.