Do you hire?

Hello everyone!

This post is mainly addressed toward the cheat creators, but if I reach a moderator first, I’d be happy to.

So the question is:
Are you looking to expand the current cheat writers, you have available and weather you’re hiring them or it’s just community based sharing?. Here is a short intro of me, if you’re curious:

My name is Valentin and I’m cheating games with cheat engine for nearly 5 years now. I’ve made
100+ cheats in that time, including cheats like:

  • unlimited stats and items
  • speed cheats
  • jump cheats
  • teleport cheats
  • one-hit-kill cheats
  • no-collision cheats
  • no-detection cheats
  • custom items

I love cheating in games, when I don’t work. So if you’re hiring or generally look for people to write the trainers, just leave a reply and let’s dicuss it in detail.

This topic might be focused on me, but others like me can probably write in here too, so we decrease the spam of newer topics.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

P.S.: Great website btw. Not joking.
Haven’t seen anything like it.

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Thanks for reaching out! Sent you a private message.

Please contact me at Discord cuf_hanibal#6835