Do You Try Games before Cheating?

I really asked myself this alot, will you guys only use Cheats if needed or right from the Start before
trying it without?

Me, i most of the Times cheat from the start and in NG+ im playing without xD


Personally, I play before I use the cheats. But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

cheats always make the game more fun. always use em when i can.

je n’utilise les trainers que lorsque je rejoue à un jeu. :innocent:

I typically only use it if the game is dragging on or I just can’t beat a map. Sort of my emergency button.

I play the game fully before I consider cheating to even know if I need it. Like Skyrim, I’ve played plenty of times without mods but that’s a game that’s fun with mods, just depends on the game.

100% play the game through and through before even thinking about cheating. Only use the cheats to mess about after smashing the game otherwise whats the point.

Yes. Then I know how much I’ll need to cheat. For example the only time I used it with Days Gone was against the bigger hordes. Hats off to anyone who did it without but at least I can play the whole game now