Does anybody know a website where i can get dlc's free?

I would like to get call of duty bo2 dlcs

You can’t get those for free. You can only get DRM free stuff for free, and there’s not much of it.
Look here:!-%28Bioshock-Infinite%29?highlight=aden34

You’re right, there ain’t much. But if you like Bethesda’s games, than you’re going to be ****ing thrilled to find Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Skyrim DLC for free!

I was certainly excited to come across that thread.

I’ve had all of those for quite some time now.

There’s some stuff Here that’s not in that thread.

any one know were i can get free borderlands dlcs i need free dlcs for the first border lands

The link is directly above your post in my post.

Nice list there Steve, bookmarked! Grabbing all the BL2 stuff right now :smiley: And probably the walking dead, as soon as I check if I still have my old saves still :stuck_out_tongue: Then I’ll check out those mod tools…annnnd I’m off! thanks again.