Does Anyone Have/Know Where I Could Get A Snow Elf Save? (360)

I’ve been wanting to start a fresh character, more specifically a Snow Elf. I prefer not to have anything modded on it because I want a legit, tough challenging save. (Besides The Snow Elf Armor). Does anyone have a save, or know where I can get one? I’ve seen some saves but they aren’t fresh and are heavily modded.


Dunno if you want this one but here is one

I’ve played that…That’s what I’m trying to avoid…Thanks anyways.

ok then here is the other save that i know of

It’s still a God Mode save.

I can change that for you, just tell me which save you want and what you want changed.

Well, all I want is a Snow Elf save, fresh, nothing modded or maxed. The character would have to have Ancient Falmer armor because that’s all they can wear.

Ya sorry man those are the only saves i knew of that was with mods i could really couldnt fine any non modded or have no quest done or anything like that

Used this save and edited it alot. Here’s the download: Save 686 - Daevas Delanos Skyrim 21.40.13

If you can point me to something that shows how to make the player character a snow elf, I can just give you a clean save with that race & armor you want.

“open showracemenu, choose any elf you want that you see fit that will look pretty much like a Snow Elf, open up console commands and when your still in the race menu and your now creating your character type in player.setrace snowelfrace and then customize how you want it. After that finish and save it. But you need this dawnguard converted to pc beta that this guy is creating.”

This is the best I’ve read. Not so sure how you can use Knight-Paladin Gelebor and Arch-Curate Vyrthu as the models. Maybe you can use your own created character (I would go with High Elf) and then set the race.

Rename that file to Savegame.dat, and the replace the one in your savegame with it. Snow elf race with ancient falmer armor.

So far so good! Anything I should know about the save before I get into it any further? Thanks again, I guess I’ll have to rename him another time :sunglasses:

On a side note, was the race only able to be played with this model, or could you have done the Gelebor and or create your own character and still have it work?

There’s no option to change models, I just used player.setrace snowelfrace.

If you can’t change his name at the face sculptor in the Ragged Flagon, then post your latest save along with the name you want.

That save is literally untouched though. The only thing completed is the first quest “Unbound” because for some reason, when I start a new game on PC the cart glitches out and the game won’t begin. So I had to do the first quest on xbox, and then transfer the save over. You’ve escaped with Ralof (stormcloak) but you can still join the imperials if you want.

Love it. Thanks again!

isnt that a daedra save?

No. Player name is daevas.

i know but i have the daevas save, and it is a daedra. unless he has made another save

any chance you could ever do this save with shout recovery set to 0 and the full map unlocked? i have always wanted to play a Snow elf but i too am not a fan of God Mode, tho i do like having unlimited shouts and being able to fast travel to any location cause some objectives are almost impossible to reach.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to mod saves until I do a clean install again, I just modded a save for someone a couple days ago and it froze his xbox, like the issue I ran into with your save a while back.

You can download & use the save I posted for Falloutman, it’s a clean save. You’re a snow elf with ancient falmer armor on.

Then just have another HMB member use these commands:

tmm 1
player.setav shoutrecoverymult 0