Does unlocking achievements still work?

I’m wondering if the ability to unlock achievements with Horizon still works. I’ve tried using Profile Editor and Le Fluffle and neither have worked for me. I’ve unlocked a singular achievement both online and offline with no results. The achievement in question is still active, I’m just not a good enough player (or I don’t want to spend the hours required) to get it. There’s two total achievements I’m after.

Any chance someone is able to test who has Diamond?

I ended up getting pro, and no it doesn’t work.

it works for me
what i did on a test account was add a bunch of games, then after unlocked them signed into xbox live and waited a bit to see if the gamerscore increased which it didnt

then next i deleted then redownloaded the account, only used the achievement unlocker then signed into xbox live leaving it at the dashboard not pressing anything and it worked so maybe try that

Hmmm thanks for the follow-up. When I did it, I didn’t unlock any extra games, I just unlocked a single achievement for a game I’d already played. It didn’t unlock online though.

How long did you leave it at the dashboard? A few minutes or overnight?

i think it would depend how many games/achievements you unlock
e.g if i did like 100 games and unlock them all offline it would prob take a hour

Did the achievements show as unlocked for you while you were waiting for Xbox live to sync? The one achievement I’m unlocking still shows as locked.

yea, i made a new account today (just to test) gave a couple achievements unlocked online and unlocked offline then it showed they was unlocked when i looked on my profile on the xbox website after a minute

im not sure why itll says locked still if you redownloaded your profile, you could try make a new acc and see if that 1 achievement unlocks but i cant be much of help unfortunately as i usually unlock achievements on my rgh with a tool

Hey, how did you manage to get Horizon to connect online? I turned off Firewall and it’s still offline.