[DONT DOWNLOAD] Halo Reach Aimbot USB

So on Youtube allot of video’s are being posted with the Halo Reach USB Aimbot mod, its funny because with my old vista computer every time I download it different links ofcourse it gives me an warning that it is an backdoor trojan as I dont care that, the other computer get the hacked or go’s dead because it is an old fck up thing. Now I want to know what you guys think of the Halo Reach Aimbot USB Mod Dont download this because like I said it can be an Trojan or something else that can mess-up your computer. Dont come cry to me that your computer is dead or hacked or that you lose all your account information because I warned you.

I’m assuming people don’t think its a jtag?
I’m assuming its an infection because of the inf. ammo.

This is how noobs get infected allowing them to become slaves to the host of the server, and forthe host to use them as bots for doses

it’s a cycle that never ends.

downloading now.

lol how did u not know this allready . also i have 40 million dollars in a bank account in iran in ur name all i need is ur social security number and date of birth

It’s common sense to know never download something from little kids that claim they have it if anything download from someone who is highly trusted

Well I know this already along time ago but never talked about it on an forum.

so what your trying to tell us you downloaded it and got a virus

I miss doing this online :confused:

I’m trying to tell you not to download this stuff from youtube, and asking what you think of it////

i think welcome to the internet where everything is a trap even if its what u wanted
by the way those halo aim bot vids on youtube have been there since the game came out
not the worst way to spread if its FUD but i like binding to legit programs

If you’re dumb enough to download it then you deserve the virus.
Maybe you’ll learn a lesson.

why hasn’t this been closed yet?