Dont know how to activate cheats] fixed

i just got infinity and i dont know how to activate cheats for youtubers life i go on it but i dont know how to activate it im new to this app plus i click find game and it says i dont have it even when i click on the file

Im not sure if you rewrote the title when you found out.
Is it thats why it say fixed?

Either way, when you open infinity, go to my games. And you will see all of your games that infinity has cheats for…
Then you just go to the game you want and click Start Game.

I haven’t used the the internet of wemod in a while but mean the game didn’t show up in games like when I searches for your games it will pop up in your games it wasn’t showing for me that’s what I mean

also im using grammerly andi think it messed up my reply

Still one year later and not working ???

Well, since your last post the Infinity 3.0 came out.
Go download it.

@batperson0910 as @MrPrecise said go download the latest version of infinity and you should be all good to go.

And if he keeps waiting 4.0 will be out ! Lol

@ptondo true.

no its fixed

ive been using infinity for like th passed 2 years