DOOM 2016 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Yeah the game had a big update yesterday.

Yes, the game just got an update regarding the VULKAN API support, which you can toggle in the Game’s Graphics menu. It gives a performance boost over OpenGL, on AMD cards, but not on Nvidia, as of now.

Anyway, @STN, please can you or someone else add the GHOST MODE, and the Slowmotion-enemies options as well ? Can you implement these, Please ?

I would be highly thankful for any help provided. You guys are just Awesome !!

For this game?

YES, for this game !

Can someone PLEASE update the trainer? Another website already has a newer trainer… I’m a paying customer, I’d like to see trainers get updated way more often…

This isn’t the only game that has been neglected… IDK what else I can do…

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@Johnny5clowna Which other game or games have been neglected?

I am updating this trainer but the reason it is taking a little longer is i have no idea which options are broke and have to play the game testing each one.

Fallout 4, for one, I can’t safely run the game with this trainer… GTA 5 updates rather frequently too…

There is a few others, but I don’t have them installed anymore…

Fallout 4 trainer is updated to the latest version, i am not aware of any issues with the trainer or any game updates. Can you give more details what is wrong with it? Last post for that trainer was 2 days ago and that didn’t mention any thing about trainer requiring an update or something not working - Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer

Infinite Health, Infinite Armor, Infinite Ammo, No Weapon Recharge and No Weapon Cooldown are not working (those are the only options I’ve tested)

@ArchangelRena Thanks. Update is already done, @frank will push it to public when he comes online.

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The DOOM 2016 trainer has been updated!


  • Added update for latest version update 1.

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

@STN, what about the the GHOST MODE, and the Slowmotion-enemies options as well ? Can you implement these as well for DOOM latest update, Please ?..

It’s running pretty well, thanks for the update. I crashed my computer when spamming the BFG with infinite ammo, and no weapon cool down on. The trainer is great, but I’d like to know if it would be possible to add a way to make Barons of Hell and Mancubus’ kill-able by chainsaw? I’m almost positive they were in earlier versions of the game. I’m not sure if there may or may not be other demons or enemies that were kill-able by chainsaw in earlier versions - I still haven’t completed the game so those are the only enemies I’ve noticed the difference with.

Plasma Rifle with the same mods on caused another crash the second I started shooting with it.

When trying to run this trainer, it just keeps trying to start the game even though the game is running. If the game isn’t running, it just times out and goes back to “start”

Any advice? I’ve tried running as admin and non-admin.

Steam or cracked? Not sure if this will do any good but you can also delete the DB file so it has to redownload the trainer. The file location is c:\users%username%\appdata\local\Daring Development\Infinity\Storage

@Chris - No fix here. Steam version. Exe file is “DOOMx64vk” - I also tried reinstalling the Infinity application. Still nothing.

Do you have a doomx64 also? I’m having no issue with the trainer when launch it directly from steam or from infinity.

So its caused by the OpenGL to Vulkan API switch. I fixed it via this steam forum thread instruction.

Resolved all issues getting it to detect the game. However I imagine anyone who is enjoying the Vulkan API wouldn’t like this.

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I don’t want to sound insensitive but i have already spent so much time on this game making all the cheats i think are necessary and more. I would like to finish games on my to-do list ( ) that i promised a trainer for months back and complete new requests as there is one popping up every week as well as try to train new games which helps Infinity tremendously and infinity is in its infancy right now and needs help.
There isn’t a stealth mechanism in this game, to make a ghost option i would have to do a lot of debugging and searching to make one which obviously requires time. I am sorry ;(

It seems like i can’t catch a break from this game, everything was broken with the new update and i had to re-do the whole trainer. Now it seems this vulkanapi adds a new exe which seems like will require a new trainer again. Not fun