DOOM 2016 cheats doesnt work HELP

all the cheats in DOOM 2016 doesnt work at all, and it says that the game version is updated.

I can’t seem to find an article or info about an update. What game version are you on? :slight_smile:

Here’s the trainer thread

Make sure you not running Vulkan. Couple people had problems with cheats not working
I can say that trainer does work , mite be 2 or 3 that don’t work

Sorry to barge in @Instinct


Not a problem, appreciate the extra input :slight_smile: We all have things to learn and I had forgotten about the vulkan ordeal

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oh, I’m on vulkanxD

Ya in game go to settings , advanced , top option should be vulkan click on that change to openGl !

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have found another bug, when i use the unlimited health and ammo cheat, it takes only 10 minutes and then the game bricks/crashes:/ any idea how to fix??

That’s very odd, doesn’t sound like a trainer issue. Is it happening during cut scenes? I think I remember something about the cheats needing to be disabled during cutscenes to avoid the anti cheat crashing the game :slight_smile:

The cheats aren’t working for me either

Make sure you are not using Vulkan. The trainer will not work with the Vulkan API.

Do u know how to turn vulkan off

It should be in the graphics settings.

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