Download ShareCash Files without Surveys

As you can see when you try to download a file hosted on sharecash you have to fill out an annoying server, here’s an example: ShareCash.Org - Make Money Uploading Files! - photo-75620.gif

To use the program which skips all the surveys…

Run the Sharecash Downloader By Death

Paste the download link and click Navigate.

Wait 20 seconds, click download, then ok!

Download: Sharecash Downloader By Death.exe

Virus scan: VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

I just traded someone a 3 character GT for this so you owe me :wink:

Credit to Death from HF

Nice post finally

thank you I hate sharecash so much

Thanks Elliot, this is a program that I would marry. Annoying Ads >_>

Unfortunately the person who uploaded the file doesn’t get money if the downloader uses this tool. Otherwise I would be making money right now :cry:

This never worked for me … Please work for me today!!!

thank god sweet post

Thank You so much!
I always try to find them but there all fake.
I tested it on your url.
Just letting everyone know! :thumbsup:

Works fine for me, here’s the file I uploaded.

Leeching Hackfourms Much? lol :wink: Good Post

This is awesome, but i have never encountered a sharcash download lol.

Now i can test all the microsoft point generators

Hmm you’re right. I’ll give proper credit.

All MicroSoft point generators are bots…

There all fake so dont bother!
There just Kids that want Money from Sharecash :confused:

That’s just not true! Some are phishers or just time wasters :wink:

True, you know what I mean though, they are all useless.

it doesnt work for me, could someone post a link that worked for them so that i can try it? it always come up with an error for me

Its was free… xD LOL

nice on the partner thing

For some reason I was expecting a Share Cash link to download this