Download Web Mod Again

If I reformat my PC can I download WebMod again? If so how/where do I download it and will it remember that I purchased it?

You will need to log in to your account when you reinstall WeMod.

Yeah the only problem is the steam authentication code. It says it sent one to my email address but I haven’t received it. I’ve checked all the issues (spam, blocked, etc.), but so far nothing.

What do you mean? WeMod has nothing to do with Steam.

Hello @dcgames and welcome to the Community. Thank you for going Pro as well to support the development of WeMod. :beers:

As @Chris says, WeMod has nothing to do with Steam, they’re a separate entitity.

If Steam is asking you to verify your email or a new login location, it would be sent to the email address that you entered into your Steam account when you registered it. Check all of the email addresses you have, including older ones you no longer use.

If Steam is asking you for a Steam Guard Authentication Code, that’s just Steam’s way of saying “2-factor authentication”. Log into your Steam account on the Steam Mobile App. There’s a Steam Guard Code option in the app you can select. Alternatively, scan the QR code that is on the Steam login page with the camera of phone/tablet that has your Steam Mobile App installed on it. Steam Support :: Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator

For more help with either of those, you’ll need to poke Steam Support.

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