Downloaded XBox 360 games missing ISO file


Sorry if it is a re-post or a wrong forum to post (my first post). I’m in a fix coz whenever I download any game for Xbox 360, it does not have an Image file for me to extract the game. All I get are these 4 files:

  1. $SystemUpdate
  2. Audio_TS
  3. Video_TS
  4. default.xex

How do I put the game to my external HDD to play?
Thanks for any help…really counting on you guys

First to download games and stuff you will need a jtag or an rgh to that stuff

What you’ve been downloading are considered XEX format. You need to pay attention when downloading as they’ll either be in XEX, GOD or ISO. Although there are programs to convert from one to another.

BUT none of these will work on your system unless it’s Jtag or RGH modified.

Appreciate for your responses, I have a JTag system and I was able to download and put few games on my moded XBox. Not sure why this started happening - I’m using the same website for downloading games which i used earlier -