Downloading Minecraft maps onto Xbox 360 with Horizon problems. It was working but now it's not. Please help

It was working but no its not. I was using it to play maps on minecraft for Xbox 360 and it worked. I played through the map and decided to download more. But now I have no idea what the problem is. Now when I go to the minecraft menu, the save file doesnt have a thumbnail and when i try to play it, it fails to load and the game closes. On horizon, the map isn’t showing up anymore, even though it said its done inserting. Only shows up when I delete it and re-download it. When I drag it on the grey thing to change the profile… even though it says my profile but when i drag it to the grey thing it says it has no profile… anyway, when i change it and save, it says do you want to overwrite it? Even though it didn’t say that before. I click yes but it fails. It says the file D:\Content\E000063FAEED417F\584111F7\00000001\Randoms Adventure Map.bin because it is being used by another process.