Dragon age inquisition save editor - advice please

Hi, I found a save editor for xbox 360. However it seem to be a possible scam. After one downloaded the editor a text file then explain that one need to complete a survey and then the editor will download.

Does anyone know if this website can be trusted? I don’t want a virus or something:

Please let me know as I am very eager for a save editor. All the starter modded saves are either on casual or normal mode, but I want one for nightmare. If I cant trust the website above then please do anyone know here I can find a nightmare difficulty modded starter save for xbox 360?

Thank you :smiley:

Survey? Then fake.

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s saves are encrypted so that they can’t be modded without extensive research, if I understand right.

Hi, thanks for the replies. There are modded starter saves available, but they are on casual mode.

I would love to either have a modded starter save on nightmare mode or a save editor.


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