DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

As of right now, I think every cheat is working. Except the unlimited time cheat. The clock still seems to tick down?

Hello, it’s possible to update the cheat and add an unlock all clothes ? cuz we can’t got many clothes cuz there is no raid anymore of these and you can’t have it . THX ( BTW Unlock all Caracters with there varaintes also pls )

hey may i ask, are you banned from EVER playing multiplayer, even if you remove the mods and play on a new character or whatever?

The only thing I ask of, I don’t know how hard it will be, but can you had a unlimited figures ticket cheat for the bulk figure spins.

@KayJeeAy If you modded properly and used the trainer properly you shouldn’t be banned. No, the trainer is not to be used in multiplayer. Modding should not be done in multiplayer either, though I have been able to get some to work with multiplayer such as clothing/texture mods. anything that changes the scripting of the game such as easy dragon balls or new movesets/transformations/skills, should not be used in multiplayer and some can even get you banned.

Can we have an update with give all clothes ? cuz there is clothes you can’t have rn PLS Thx ( By the way unlimited time doesn’t work)

Unlimited Stamina doesn’t work.

Hey was wondering if you could add a give all clothes and perfect QQ bangs feature

Hi !
wanted to know if it was okay to use the unlimited moeny and medals cheat online ?

can you add a unlock all characters/ clothes to the mod please.

hello im wondering if anybody else started with a new character and did the all skills unlocked and when i tried to use it in the add skills it freezes the game anyone have a solution to this?