DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Steam bought. the one hit crashes my system as well. tried a few options from post above any nothing worked. still getting the fatal error crash.

None of the cheats works on the codex release, thanks for the trainer though <3

Ya trainer is made for steam version. We dont support cracked games on here

That’s ok, your guys’ collaboration, and app, is incredible anyway. I’ll support you guys either way, I have plenty of legit games your trainers have really helped with!

I am running the steam version. 1 hit kill crashes every time you land a punch. Infinite XP puts everyone up to lvl 250. Every enemy is still the same level they were so you are essentially 1 hitting everything that way. Even major bosses. Definitely makes the game pointless to play. Thank you for the trainer and all but out of all the ones I’ve used for games on wemod this has to be the most bare bones. It’s hard to use this and not make the game pointless to play instead of just simply enhancing the experience.



Finally select the dropdown box for release channel and select BETA

Your app will need to update and then be restarted before it’s changed to the BETA version of the app :slightly_smiling_face:


HA, enabled beta mode, now wemod won’t open. Gonna reinstall and try again.

Awesome! One-Hit Kills works now!

This was exactly what I did to make it work:

  1. Switch WeMod to beta
  2. Open DBZ:K through steam
  3. Ran it in Borderless Window mode
  4. Once the world has finished loading in, press “Play” in WeMod
  5. Enabled One-Hit Kills
  6. Slay fools like I’m an enraged MUI Goku.
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I’ve looked at several other trainers and the only difference I’m seeing is they allow you choose the amount of XP you get and they let you manually edit the amount of orbs/zeni/etc. I’m sure @STiNGERR can add a slider for XP.

infinite items does not work on DLC/preorder content… is there a way to add/fix that?

Im not sure if this is the mods fault or not but last night i could play Dragon ball and i didn’t use the mods, but i used it about 20 mins ago and i think it deleted some of my game files and i tried to validate the files but it just goes through a infinite loop

Validating files goes through an infinite loop?

Yeah it would just keep downloading on steam after it finished it would just start back up? I was also missing the EXE in the main folder. I Went ahead and just uninstalled it and am reinstalling it now. And once it is done i will try the mod again to see if the same thing happens.

Yeah that’s more of a steam bug than a WeMod one but do let me know if the trainer works for you on the BETA channel of WeMod :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep same thing im about to go to work now but after i get back i will do a screen cap if you would like. I ran it in beta mode and ran as admin still comes up with this error. What i did after reinstalling the game was restart my pc after that loaded steam then wemod as admin. launched game through we mod it crashed after that loaded the game back up and gave me the error belowCapture

That’s a windows based error and isn’t related to WeMod. From a quick internet search it’s because the game is installed somewhere that isn’t allowed to be accessed due to permissions

It does, you need more than one. leave it active, you will never lose the two, but if you do it with one you will lose it.

Anyway we can get the exp to be on a slider? I don’t want to max out my character, just boost exp buy x2-100 or whatever can happen?

We’re looking into the potentially changing the XP cheat to work differently :slightly_smiling_face:

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Also, all you Mods and Devs do fantastic work!

hey man, ive been trying for a while now but the cheats dont work… im using the codex cracked game cuz i poor pleb. ples. the “unlimited items” and “unlimited medals” options dont even activate…