DragonBall Xenoverse xbox 360

Was wondering if anyone on the forums had preordered the game on 360 and if so hit me with a pm i have a question

OMTGaming has posted a few videos regarding the game so I’d assume he has been playing the game; not sure if it’s on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, but you could message him and ask your question(s).

Best of luck!

im looking for someone that has the pre order dlc

Well, you could either message OMTGaming on here and see if he has it or you can wait for him to see this thread/reply to it with an answer.

…he’s the only member on here that I’ve seen post material regarding the game so your best bet is to start with him.

Best of luck!

i only have the pre-order dlc for Xbone sorry

i seen an save editor for this game but the creator is selling it through pay pal

what does that have to do with this?


I need a Dragonball Xenoverse Save Game Can Someone Help

I need a Dragonball Xenoverse Save Game Can Someone Help

Dang It I Mess Up I Didn’t Even Know That I Post The First On & I’m Sorry You Guys

It’s Okay, nice time just be careful. I couldn’t find a save but I found a Modding tool.


PM Me if you have any issues.

Oh, next time create your own thread,please.

Okay My Mod I’m Still New Here